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1. Competitors to state on their entry form the type of tractor, the type of plough and the number of furrows that they intend to use as well as their Parish of work.  In addition state if they are under 21, a YFC Member or bona fide agriculture student.
2.    No competitor may enter in more than one class. 
3.    SAFETY – 
a.    Passengers are not allowed on tractors or ploughs at any time 
b.    Safe Practice must be demonstrated by competitors at all times on the Society’s Showground.  Penalty – Disqualification at Committee discretion.
4.    Plot numbers will be drawn and allocated by the Secretaries on the date fixed for close of entries.
5.    If a competitor draws an outside plot, or has a vacant neighbouring plot, a mark must be made using the pegs as set out for competition. 15 minutes of extra time will be allowed.  Any decrease in plot size will lead to disqualification unless directed by the Stewards.
6.    All competitors to be in the field ready to start work at 9.30 a.m. sharp or they will be disqualified. Ploughing of the opening split will commence at the direction of the Stewards.  30 minutes will be allowed. Penalty – 2 points deducted per minute over time.
7.    On completion of the opening split competitors will wait for this to be judged and ploughing will re-commence as directed by the Stewards.  A time limit of three and a half hours will then apply.  Penalty – 10 points deducted per minute over time.
8.    All ploughing to a minimum depth of 6 inches (15 cm), maximum 10 inches (25 cm).  Penalty – 20 points deduction for deliberate infringement.
9.    The first run next to the neighbouring competitor will not be judged, but ploughmen must not mark their neighbour’s ploughing with their tractor wheel.  If there is a problem, the competitor must contact the Steward for a ruling before ploughing the first run next to their neighbour.
10.    Rolling of furrows or scratches is not allowed.  Penalty – 20 points deduction.
11.    Twin tractor wheels are not allowed.
12.    Assistance to set and remove marking poles is allowed.  No other assistance allowed including by signal, radio contact, mobile phone or any other method.
13.    Handling, treading or shaping of scratches or furrows is not allowed
14.    Only one tractor wheel mark allowed at the finish. Penalty – 20 points deduction.
15.    Only the competitor is allowed to clean the plot of material such as straw or stones.
16.    The use of global positioning technology, laser beams or any other electronic or computerised measuring devices are not allowed. 
17.    Conventional and commercial reversible Ploughing:-
a.    Ploughs to be fitted with skimmers
b.    Tailpieces are allowed – the maximum size to be:- conventional 26 cm, reversible 28 cm in length and 22 cm wide. The end of the tailpiece to be no more than 32 cm from the end of the mouldboard.
c.    Plough bodies can be raised or lowered but cannot be raised out of the ploughing position.
d.    All plough bodies must be used when ploughing the Finish.
e.    Extraneous attachments that manipulate the furrows or scratches are not allowed.
f. Competitors using variable width ploughs are not to alter the furrow width setting after the commencement of ploughing.
18.    Starts, Finishes and Premier Reversible Ploughing
a.    Conventional Ploughs
i.    Opening – Double opening.  No land to be left unturned.
ii.    Start to consist of 11 or 12 furrows
iii.    Competitors to cast towards the next highest number plot (unless directed otherwise by Ploughing Steward).
iv.    Finish – Consisting of last 8 furrows
v.    Last furrow to be ploughed towards competitors own start (Finish wrong way Penalty – 20 points deducted)
b.    Commercial reversible ploughing
i.    Opening – Double opening with right hand bodies in accordance with sketch diagram. 
ii.    Start consists of a minimum of 8 furrows or 2 runs towards lower numbered plot (unless directed otherwise by Ploughing Steward)
iii.    Continue from the next highest number when that competitors start is completed
iv.    After the split, alternate bodies to be used at all times. Each run to be completed before the plough is turned over.
v.    Finish to consist of last 12 furrows
c.    Premier reversible ploughing
i.    Opening – Single furrow opening with right hand bodies
ii.    Start to consist of 8 or 9 furrows
iii.    Finish to consist of last 19 or 20 furrows
iv.    The competitor should make a scratch for the last 19 or 20 furrows whilst the opening is being judged.  After the opening has been judged the competitor proceeds to plough 8 or 9 furrows towards the lower numbered plot (unless directed otherwise by the Ploughing Steward)
v.    Continue at the next highest number and complete the ‘butts’.
vi.    Complete the last 19 or 20 furrows.
vii.    Alternate bodies to be used at all times.  Each run to be completed before the plough is turned over.
viii.    The use of sighting poles at the start of the ‘butts’ is not allowed.
ix.    When ploughing the ‘butts’, competitors cannot travel to the end of the plot to turn.  N.B. When ploughing the joining furrow attachments are not allowed, but it is permissible to show only one full furrow on the first run.

19.    The Societies Rules are based on the rules of the Society of Ploughmen but differ in some respects. N.B Commercial Reversible Opening, Time allowed and Depth of Ploughing.

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